Jakob Schubert

La Sportiva Legends Only - Backstage

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What do you need to make the best cilmbing event of the year ?

Take the best climbers, the best route setters, the best wall, holds, a warm crowd and some cold beers !

Make sure to check out what happened the day before and the hours after the competition, it's in there, waiting for you, with some action shots, exclusive interviews, and the first ever proof of a one arm pullup by Adam Ondra.

Music : Jean-Charles Lombard - Balkanic Marimba
Graphics : William Ugarte

Mammut Teamtrip Peak District 2010

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Full steam ahead! The 2010 team trip is taking the Mammut athletes Anna St?hr, Alex Johnson, David Lama, C?deric Lachat, Magnus Midtboe and Jakob Schubert to Sheffield in the north of England. The raw gritstone blocks and puritanical climbing etiquette of the legendary Peak District offer an attractive prospect. Cordless drills have no place in the Peak District, which has a clean climbing ethic.

Arco Rockmaster 2010 - Mens Finals - Lead Comp

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In this video we see Sachi Amma and Adam Ondra, then Ramon Julian Puigblanque and Jakob Schubert all climb the same route in the men's finals.

This is a difficulty competition and Ramon wins, Jakob is second, Ondra third and Sachi is fourth.

Ramon is perhaps the slowest climber of them all, but seems to be able to rest in positions the others can't. Jakob finds the best rest - a reasonable knee-bar on the large yellow volume and Ondra just climbs supremely fast without resting at all!

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