Sean McColl - Dreamcatcher

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This is a video of Sean McColl doing Dreamcatcher. It was filmed and edited by JJ Mah a week after Sean sent it! We couldn't snag HD cameras so unfortunately 480 is going to be the highest it'll go.

Jungle Speed

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Jungle Speed it's a 9a line ubicated in Siurana (Catalunya), in La Capella's sector.
Sasha Gerzha, a 21 russian boy without any sponsor yet, realized this route in november 2012. We went to there with him to recreate the ascension. The result is this short video. We hope you like it!

Era Vella - Sasha Digiulian - Trailer

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In October 2011, Sasha DiGiulian became the first American women to climb the grade 9a. In March of the following year, she climbed her second. We followed Sasha on her month-long journey through Spain, in search for her hardest challenge to date, "Era Vella."

Filmed & Edited by: Andy Mann & Keith Ladzinski [3stringsproductions.com]
Music by: Ki:Theory - "Ridley" [kitheory.com]

Sponsored by:
adidas outdoor - [adidas.com/us/outdoor]
petzl - [petzl.com/us]
lifestrength - [lifestrength.com]

Adam Ondra 9a "Climb For Life"

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the video of the first 9a ever bolted and climbed in Sicily
October 14, 2012

The Czech master sends the first 9a in , bolted with the help of Berni, his friend from Brescia. He needed only two days for bolting and trying the route... Adam tried his first attempt immediately after having set the route, and only three today.

James McHaffie On 'The Meltdown' - 9a Slab?

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A short clip of James McHaffie attempting The Meltdown, a few days before his successful ascent.

First ascent world record - Pirmin Bertle sending Chromosome X (9a) and Chromosome Y (9a) in 75min!

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The fastest first ascent of two 9a routes ever! Pirmin Bertle sends Chromosome X and Chromosome Y the 03/30/2012 between 7:00 and 8:15 pm at the Tribune in Charmey/Switzerland. These are his 6th and 7th 9a at all. Two weeks earlier his son was born...

Visit lizardclimbing.com for the whole story and further information!

Enzo Oddo Shreds The Red

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Enzo Oddo and friends spent a month this spring on the steep, pumpy climbs in Kentucky's Red River Gorge. A few of the harder climbs sure got Enzo fired up, which helped fuel his redpoint of Pure Imagination, 5.14d. They soaked up the local culture and had some teenage fun - Southern Style.

*Routes: Pure Imagination (5.14d), Lucifer (5.14c), Southern Smoke (5.14c), The Golden Ticket (5.14c/d), Forty Two Karats (5.14c)

For more on Enzo visit http://www.prana.com/ambassadors/enzo-oddo
Band: The Bloodroots Barter www.bloodrootsbarter.com

"une epoque formidable",9a(?), Orgon,seconde partie.

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suite et fin de "une epoque formidable";Orgon.Secteur la bassine.

Sasha DiGiulian, Era Vella, Raw Footage

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This is some raw footage of Sasha attempting Era Vella (9a or 5.14d), Chris Sharma's route in Margalef, Spain. On April 12 she made the first female ascent of the route, her 2nd 9a. This climb and a lot more from the cutting edge of sportclimbing will be featured in the 2012 REEL ROCK Film Tour.

Adam Ondra climb, To tu je?t? nebylo XIIb, Labsk? ?dol?.

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18.3.2012: First XIIb (9a fr ) on sandstone in Czech republic by Adam.
Elbe valley - left riverside
Mal? ??bel
To tu je?t? nebylo XIIb

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