Adam Ondra Jungle Boogie 9a+ C??se

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Vid?o prise par un t?l?phone portable lors d'un essai d'Adam.
D?sol? pour la qualit? mais ceci est surement la seule ! C'est pour cela que je vous la partage ! :)

Adam Ondra reaches the top of Jungle Boogie after 3 days of attempts and proposes 9a+.
This route is an old project of Sylvain Millet and taken up by Enzo Oddo. Ondra says about: “the first section climbs micro holds without any rests. You need to climb it as quickly as possible, it’s a real sprint, and I fell twice off the last hard move which I thought was impossible to fall off” About the difficult: “the same difficulty as nearby L’?trange Ivresse des Lenteurs, but a completely different style. Instead of a long resistance route, Jungle Boogie requires pure power endurance”

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