Boulder World Cup 2013 report - Millau, France

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Anna St?hr and Kilian Fischhuber are the winners of this second IFSC Bouldering World Cup in Millau, France! Only in the finals Austria's top boulderers racked up their victories in a more than thrilling competition.

It was a bouldering competition as all climbing fans could dream: The IFSC Bouldering World Cup in Millau was marked by quite some challenging boulder problems and many turnarounds in the ranking lists. High-level climbing was shown from the start - with the result that top boulderers like Momoka Oda, Melissa Le Neve, Sean McColl or Jakob Schubert already dropped out in the semi-finals.

Second stage, second victory for Anna St?hr
Last year's Overall Bouldering World Cup winner Anna St?hr was the lowest to qualify in the women's final. But with a great performance in the final round the Austrian double world champion worked her way up and went head to head with Britain's youngster Shauna Coxsey and Akiyo Noguchi from Japan, second and third after the semi-finals. In the end one attempt at the last boulder problem made the decision -- gold number two for Anna St?hr this season, silver and bronze for Shauna Coxsey and Akiyo Noguchi!

First competition, first victory for Kilian Fischhuber
In the men's competition reigning world champion Dmitrii Sharafutdinov led the field after the semi-finals in front of surprisingly strong Jorg Verhoeven (made his first Bouldering final since 2008) and Bouldering World Cup winner 2012, Rustam Gelmanov. But in the finals Kilian Fischhuber, 5th after the semis, got into his stride: In his first competition of the season Austria's fivefold Bouldering champion was the only one to top out on three final boulder problems and so walked away with the gold medal. Places two and three went to Guillaume Glairon Mondet who gained three ranks from the semi-finals and Netherland's Jorg Verhoeven.

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