Competition Bouldering - Best of IFSC 2013

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Many thanks to IFSC for their work organising and promoting competition climbing.
This video is for promotion of bouldering only, all rights belong to the IFSC (international federation of sports climbing). Find them at

The athletes appearing in this video are (by world cup rankings): Anna Stohr, Dimitri Sharafutdinov, Akiyo Noguchi, Jakob Schubert, Alex Puccio, Sean McColl, Shauna Coxsey, Rustam Gelmanov, Juliane Wurm, Kilian Fischhuber, Katharina Saurwein, Guillaume G Mondet, Momoka Oda, Jorg Verhoeven, Melissa Le Neve, Jan Hojer, Monika Retschy, Thomas Caleyron, Aya Onoe, Rei Sugimoto, Melanie Sandoz, Jernej Kruder, Monika Retschy, Cedric Lachat, Aya Onoe, Thomas Tauporn, Melanie Sandoz, Mykhaylo Shalagin, Anne-Laure Chevrier, Sachi Amma , Dinara Fakhritdinova.

The video clips are from the finals of IFSC events in: Chongqing, Eindhoven, Innsbruck, Kitzbuehel, Log Dragomer, Toronto, Vail, Munich.

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