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Thrills : 2012 repeated " Heli " Kotter climbing route " Sansara " , an alpine gem in the heart of Lofer. The extreme climber has repeatedly tours such as "Bella Vista " and " Pan Aroma " on the western pinnacle and has since been on the hunt for new alpine adventures. Too Sansara is not only physically but also mentally challenging.

7 pitches , 7 belays : On average, that is, a per Bolt rope length and the difficulties in the eleventh to the lower level . The Alex Huber in 2008 erstbegangene route searches whereas a direct line through the three large roofs on the east wall of the Grubh?rndls .

The route - Sansara

After a VII + to warm up , it's off to the second pitch like the real thing. An eight- meter long roof awaits the aspirant , which is not forgiving with 10 + . " It is in the second rope length 16 begin to equal heavy trains to be related and you have really no way to correct great," explains " Heli " Kotter . After three technical, small grip pitches in the upper eighth and ninth degrees lower , waiting an expansive roof crack . " This is my first crack at all. I've never climbed a crack . Felt is the 10 + / 11 - for me, " Just this rope length but it had " Heli " most impressed , because do exactly such challenges for him projects ! . "If you even before knows that you can climb the route , if it be so boring .... " At the end Heli Kotter could together with Wolgang Aries the route but then Rotpunkten in numbers, the whole thing reads like this: . VII +, X +, VIII + + VIII , IX , X , III .

The two were filmed by the outdoor experienced filmmaker Hannes Mair . The result is a film with spectacular landscapes and a lot of passion for the extremes.

Film by John Mair ( )
Timelapse Sequences by Christoph Malin
Athletes : Heli Kotter , Wolfgang Aries

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