Western Gold Trailer


lloydclimbingblog.blogspot.com - "The entire film has been meticulously crafted with an attention to detail unmatched in other bouldering films...Almost all bouldering films have at least one song, scene, or story that I find distracting or annoying, but this one doesn't. It renews my hope for the genre."

koanbouldering.com - "I won't ever climb V15, and while it can be fun to watch a mega sponsored climber ticking another mega hyped line in Colorado, it isn't satisfying on some level. Western Gold has problems up to V13 but the grades take a back stage to the personalities, landscape and aesthetics involved with each area."

Experience the beauty of bouldering in an action packed film set in the stunning locations of Leavenworth Washington, Castle Rocks Idaho, Red Rocks Nevada, Cody Wyoming, and Squamish British Columbia. From the hardest to the tallest the west coast has to offer, get ready to see something new.

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