Font and Bleau by Maire Christophe: part 2

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Air sweden 7b+
Travaux forc?s 6b
La baleine 7a/7a+
Guerre et Paix 7a
Gazoline 7a
Le bossu 6b
Le nombre d'or droite 7a

enjoy :)

Font and Bleau by Maire Christophe: part 1

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The first dose of the best place :)

Blocage mental assis 7a+
La molaire 6c
Tentation 6c/7a
Sinus-x 7a
Exterminateur d'?cailles 6b
Nostalgie assis 7a
Les ailes d'Icare 6c+

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Daniel Olausson: My 85 days in Font - Highlights

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Daniel Olausson: This video shows some of the highlights out of my 85 days spent in Fontainebleau between 15th of January and 9th of April this spring. As always, not everything was caught on tape but, much thanks to Neil and Emil, we captured some sweet stuff for this film. Hope you enjoy it!

June Dose of Font 2011: Fontainebleau by Neil Hart: Part 2

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Filling Up The City Skie - Who loves me

Routes in order:

Le Bout du Monde 7a
yoguignol 7b
Le Lepreux direct 7a
Le Chainon Manquant 7b
Mucho Bueno assis 7a
La Barre Fixe 7b+
Les Copains d'Abord direct 7a+

May Dose of Font 2011: Fontainebleau by Neil Hart: Part 1

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Neil Hart & Mike Mullins

The script-you wont feel a thing
The Naked and Famous-Punching a dream

Routes in order:
Le Toit 7a+
Les Nombrilistes 7a+
Outil de Coupe 7a
Gargantoit assis 7b+ (7c) middle version
Le Danseur 7b
Coup de Torchon assis 7a+
Chicor?e 7a
Belle Gueule 7a
Voil? la Chenille 7a (6c+)
La Poussi?re qui Tue 6c+ (7a)

MELLOBLOCCO -The Solution- Official 2011

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New official video MELLOBLOCCO 2011. Special Guest: Chris Sharma, Adam Ondra, Alexandra Balakileva, Mauro Calibani, Michele Caminati, Gabriele Moroni, Barbara Zangerl, Daila Ojeda, James Person, Raffaella Cottalorda, Circo Abusivo.

Online as of today the official video Melloblocco 2011, the world's biggest bouldering meeting which takes place every year in Val di Mello - Val Masino, Italy.

Switzerland 2011

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Vlad Vorobyev - vitruvian man
Andrey Klizubov - Pocket Problem & Son Of A Gun
Alexey Rubtsov - Le Vent Nous Portera & Sofa Surfer

No Numbers

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No Numbers is a unique portrait of one of the words best sport climbers, Maja Vidmar. It was shot in different locations, mainly in Slovenia, but also in Italy and Croatia and it presents a wide specter of sport climbing showing Maja's training, competitions, rock climbing and bouldering. The movie is focused on dynamic aesthetics an fun. It trys to explain why Maja climbs, what motivates her and most of all what will motivate her in the future, told from a very basic perspective.The movie was shot as a no budget, one man band, project.


Brion Voges & Nate Draughn: 2 8a's in the Ozarks Arkansas Feb. 2011

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Brion Voges: 2 8a's in the Ozarks Arkansas Feb. 2011

The ABS 12 National Championships: Stop #1 of the 2011 UBC Pro Tour.

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Exellent video.
On February 11 & 12 2011 the best climbers in North America converged on Boulder CO for the beginning of the Unified Bouldering Championships Pro Tour and the 12th ABS National Championships powered by The North Face.
Full results, photos and video can be found at, more information at

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