Adam Ondra onsights The Golden Ticket (5.14c), Red River Gorge, Kentucky

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Black Diamond athlete Adam Ondra traveled to Kentucky's Red River Gorge in late October and 10 days later he had blazed through the area's hardest routes, including onsighting two of the Red's hardest, Pure Imagination and The Golden Ticket, in the same day. Both routes were originally rated 5.14d, but Ondra, after onsighting them within an hour of each other, suggested they be downrated to 5.14c.

YOLA DEVAM ET... ( Continue on the Road )

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Scenario , Director , Edit
Attila Da?

2008 T?rkiye

Era Vella - Sasha Digiulian - Trailer

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In October 2011, Sasha DiGiulian became the first American women to climb the grade 9a. In March of the following year, she climbed her second. We followed Sasha on her month-long journey through Spain, in search for her hardest challenge to date, "Era Vella."

Filmed & Edited by: Andy Mann & Keith Ladzinski [3stringsproductions.com]
Music by: Ki:Theory - "Ridley" [kitheory.com]

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Adam Ondra 9a "Climb For Life"

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the video of the first 9a ever bolted and climbed in Sicily
October 14, 2012

The Czech master sends the first 9a in , bolted with the help of Berni, his friend from Brescia. He needed only two days for bolting and trying the route... Adam tried his first attempt immediately after having set the route, and only three today.

IFSC World Cup 2012 - Xining, China - Lead Finals

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2:27: Xining? impressions

5:15: Startlist women/men

5:47: Introduction athletes

15:11: Comments on worldcup standings

35:40: Climbing starts

Portrait d'Enzo Oddo

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Portrait d'Enzo Oddo

The North Face Kalymnos climbing festival 2012

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A smile is still on the face of all the participants as the Kalymnos climbing festival comes to an end. But the climbing goes on. Enjoy some images of the event and put a reminder on your diary to sign up for the 2013 edition!
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Arctic Laboratory Action

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Margalef, Spain

Sport Climbing Champion Sasha DiGiulian vs. Golden (5.14B)

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Find out more at http://www.LIFESTRENGTH.com
LIFESTRENGTH presents Sasha DiGiulian, Sport Rock-Climbing National Champion. Her visit to Southern Utah led her to the Cathedral and climbed the 5.14B route "Golden."
Go Sasha!

Chris Sharma - BACK in C??se - Sport climbing and bolting in France

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Chris Sharma has been in Ce?se for the last couple of weeks, climbing established lines and bolting a new route. We were able to catch up with him on the tail end of his trip.

Read full interview and more pictures here :

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