Chris Sharma - BACK in C??se - Sport climbing and bolting in France

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Chris Sharma has been in Ce?se for the last couple of weeks, climbing established lines and bolting a new route. We were able to catch up with him on the tail end of his trip.

Read full interview and more pictures here :

REEL ROCK 7: Chris Sharma Vs Adam Ondra

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The two strongest climbers in the world. One unclimbed route that could be the hardest ever. "They don't act like it's competitive, but C'mon son!" An excerpt from the film La Dura Dura, featured in the 7th annual REEL ROCK Film Tour. World premiere in Boulder, CO Sept 13 2012. Over 300 REEL ROCK screenings around the world.

Sarah Watson: Humbled By Yosemite

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Sarah Watson shares her personal journey from falling in love with climbing, to having it all go away due to illness and injury, to coming back with a new appreciation for the simple things she took for granted. Her video, shot in the awe inspiring Yosemite Valley, shares some wonderful lessons that we can all relate to.

Rocklands - Boulder movie with Kilian Fischhuber

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The new boulder movie with VAUDE Athlete Kilian Fischhuber. This time he checks out some fantastic problems in South Africa

The Rocklands post - El Corazon

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This one won't fit in the weekly updates. Amazing fight by Michele.
El Corazon is a classic highball put up by Daniel Woods a few years back.
Hands down the most impressive ascent I ever witnessed.

The Eye of Odin (8c+) first ascent on Vimeo

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Dani, Magnus and I sessioned on this incredible route for two days, competing for 15,000 norwegian kroner for the first ascent.

Dani and Magnus obviously climbed the route with style and grace, while I climbed with wild desperation... but it worked. I don't think I've ever topped out a route after becoming so terminally pumped on it.

James McHaffie On 'The Meltdown' - 9a Slab?

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A short clip of James McHaffie attempting The Meltdown, a few days before his successful ascent.

Athlete Profile: Off-width climber Pamela Pack - Outside Today

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Off-width climbing is a niche pursuit in the world of climbing. Often brutally demanding, Pamela Pack is up to the challenge.

Jon Cardwell in RMNP

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It's summertime again in the front range! Check out Jon's sends from the 2011 season in Chaos Canyon, RMNP. Featuring Wildcat V12, The Lockness Monster V12, and Aslan V14. Carddeck RULZ

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