BD Athlete Nalle Hukkataival sends Gioia, Varazze, Italy

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Possibly the hardest boulder problem in the world, Gioia combines a long sequence of microscopic crimps with a heart-breaking finish. Drawn by the rumors, Nalle Hukkataival traveled to Varazze, Italy to try it.

Nalle makes it look like somewhere in the 6C or 6C+ range, but this is one of the very hardest problems in the world, meaning 8C or possibly 8C+. The grade of Gioia will be discussed for some time yet and further repeats are needed before it can settle, but like Nalle says: Let's remember that Gioia means Joy.


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Adam Ondra climbs two of the world's hardest boulder problems, suggesting V16 / 8C+ for both. First, Terranova, an extremely funky traverse at his home area near Brno, Czech Republic. Then Gioia, a problem in Varazze, Italy put up by Christian Core in 2008 and only repeated by Adam. Music by Abel Okugawa, Gramatik, The Gaucho and the Gremlin, and Talvihorros.

He climbed two 8c+ / V16 boulders recently : Terranova, near Brno (Czech Republic), and Gioia, in Varazze (Italy).

Bouldering: Adam Ondra Gioia 8C+

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A couple of days ago, young Czech climber Adam Ondra made the second ascent of Christian Core's ultra hard boulder problem Gioia at Varazze in northern Italy. Gioia is graded a huge Font 8C+.

"Finishing off Gioia the last possible chance of the year is a kind of fairy-tale story which couldn't be more thrilling and emotional.

The victory tastes even better in that sense and the name the Gioia (Joy) couldn't have been chosen better.

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