8b+ trad in der Pfalz

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Little story about the route "Das gro?e Kn?bbeln" 8b+ in Pfalz/Germany and the climber Felix Lehmann sending it by using only trad gear.

M?lissa Le Nev?: First female ascend Wallstreet 8c

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Melissa Le Neve has climbed Wolfgang Gullich’s classic 8c, Wallstreet, which was the first route in the World of that grade when it was climbed in 1987.

Check out M?lissa Le Nev? completing the world famous "Wallstreet" 8c in Franconian Switzerland, Germany. She is the first woman climbing to the top, 27 years after the first
ascent by Wolfgang G?llich. Wallstreet was the
first 8c in the world. The area "Frankenjura" is filled with fairytale-like sculptures of rock distributed throughout the forests.

Boulder Worldcup 2013 Munich: Review

See video - Great victory for Rei Sugimoto from japan winning his first boulder world cup in his career. He won the world cup final in munich (germany), second place went to thomas tauporn, third was rustam gelmanov from russia. Dmitrii Sharafutdinov won the boulder world cup title 2013. Anna St?hr from austria won the girls competition. She succeeded in seven of eight world cup events in 2013. Second: Alex Puccio (USA). Third: Shauna Coxsey. Here is the review!

Music: Dirty Bass (James Egbert Remix)

Boulder World Cup in Munich 2012 - Men

See video - In the great final of the boulder world cup 2012 in munich Dmitrii Sharafutdinov won ahead of the strong Canadian Sean McColl and Jakob Schubert from Austria. The Russian won also last year in Munich and topped out all four final boulders. Only one try more for reaching the four bonus holds was responsible for McColls lost - he was not able to climb only one boulder in the whole competition. Kilian Fischhuber didn?t reach the semifinal so Rustam Gelmanov won the Overall Boulder World Cup 2012 ahead of the two austrian climbers Fischhuber and Schubert.

Boulder World Cup Finals 2012 in Munich - Women

See video - Akiyo Noguchi won the world cup final in munich ahead of Anna St?hr and Juliane Wurm. Anna won the 2012 World Cup, it?s her third win after 2008 and 2011. Akiyo won the series 2009 and 2010. She flashed all four final boulder problems while Anna needed one try more and Juliane two tries. 6000 visitors in the olympic park in munich saw an epic competition. This our clip of the event.

Action Directe 9a - Adam Pustelnik

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Action Directe 9a - Adam Pustelnik

Adam Ondara - Der Heilige Gral 9a

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24. 12. 2010 - Christmas 2010 present from BERNARTWOOD :-)

Enjoy this short movie about Adam Ondra doing the acrobatic 9a in Frankenjura! This route will have no space in our upcoming main movie about the young legend, but anyway, it is worth seeing it, Adam climbed it on the 2nd try!
If you want to see more, just visit my brand new webpage about the whole film project - LAUNCHING TODAY!

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