Adam Ondra onsights Mind Control (8c+), Oliana, Spain

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Adam Ondra went on an unstoppable onsight spree this past February and March in northern Spain, managing a stunning five 8c+ routes onsight. Five! Only Ondra’s fellow BD team member Patxi Usobiaga has managed a 5.14c onsight, and that was just one. We sent ace lensman Bernardo Gimenez to document Ondra’s onsighting at the mega-crag of Oliana, and he was fortunate enough to be rigged and ready when Ondra onsighted Mind Control (8c+), a gorgeous, 40-meter tufa/colonette/pocket line that was soaking wet on top.

Adam Ondra 8c+ onsight. Video

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It's incredible! 18-year-old Czech Adam Ondra (Adam Ondra) again and again surprises the world and shakes the foundations climbing the universe!

Sharma working on 5.15 first ascent, Pachamama, in Oliana, Spain.

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Sharma working on his latest 5.15 first ascent, Pachamama, in Oliana, Spain. This was shot in March 2009 while we were in Spain filming for film Progression.

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