YOLA DEVAM ET... ( Continue on the Road )

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Attila Da?

2008 T?rkiye

Playing in the backyard of the Gods /Bafa G?l?

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Kumar 7b, one of the best and just one among thousands of highboulder (8m. !)
Heraklian 7c+
HomoErotik 7b+ (first ascent) the shape explains the possibilities of boulders in here...
Bafa G?l? /Turkey

Sair Zamanlar ,?stanbul Blues Kumpanyas?
Siyah Deri Ceket, Replikas

Raki on the rocks - Climbing in Turkey

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First big movie by Klaas Willems made. Following the climbing life in and around Gey?k bay?ri.

This is a free movie, but feel free to donate something to the boltbox (for development of new routes) if you ever come to Turkey!

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