BD Athlete Nalle Hukkataival sends Gioia, Varazze, Italy

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Possibly the hardest boulder problem in the world, Gioia combines a long sequence of microscopic crimps with a heart-breaking finish. Drawn by the rumors, Nalle Hukkataival traveled to Varazze, Italy to try it.

Nalle makes it look like somewhere in the 6C or 6C+ range, but this is one of the very hardest problems in the world, meaning 8C or possibly 8C+. The grade of Gioia will be discussed for some time yet and further repeats are needed before it can settle, but like Nalle says: Let's remember that Gioia means Joy.

Bouldering: Adam Ondra Gioia 8C+

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A couple of days ago, young Czech climber Adam Ondra made the second ascent of Christian Core's ultra hard boulder problem Gioia at Varazze in northern Italy. Gioia is graded a huge Font 8C+.

"Finishing off Gioia the last possible chance of the year is a kind of fairy-tale story which couldn't be more thrilling and emotional.

The victory tastes even better in that sense and the name the Gioia (Joy) couldn't have been chosen better.

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